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What's with "Hey Mikey"?

Hey Mikey Espresso is the brain child of Cory Mitchell, an old hospitality pro with over 20 years experience, a love of 80's movies, specialty coffee and a classic Aussie Jaffle!

Hey Mikey combines Axil Specialty Coffee, delicious nostalgic Jaffles and a delicious selection of sweet treats, to bring you a simple menu with the aim of transporting you back to a simpler time, a time without interwebs and Instagram, Facebook and smart phones.

In 1985 Mikey was a kid living in the Goon docks of Astoria, Oregon. Little did he know that he and 'the Goonies' were about embark on an adventure that would change their lives. You might be lucky enough to get a glimpse of Mikey on your next visit to Hey Mikey as we reel off the best of the best 80s movies!

Looking forward to catching up over a brew or two!


Winter Drinks

Coffee - by Axil

Black, White, Iced, Long Black 3.5
Filter, Cold Drip/Brew 5.0

Mocha, Chai 4.0
Hot Choc - by Mofo Deluxe 3.8

Soy / Almond / Lactose Free +0.5
Extra Shot +0.5

Tea - by Chamellia 4.5

English Breakfast, Earl Grey,
Peppermint, Gunpowder Green

Organic Soda 4.0
by Dalesford & Hebburn

Cola, Lemonade,
Ginger Beer, Lemon Lime & Bitters

Milkshakes 6.0

Chocolage, Strawberry, Salted Caramel
Blue Heaven, Mocha +0.5

Juice Boxes 3.5

Apple, Orange

Juices & Iced Teas 4.0
by Emma & Toms

Orange Juice
100% Orange Juice

Cloudy Apple Juice
100% Apple Juice

Smoothie Green Power
Apple, banana, passionfruit, plum,
lemon, with all natural green botanicals

Fruit Smoothie Extreme C
Apple, guava, orange, strawberry
acerola berry with rose pip extract

Fruit Smoothie Karma Rama
Orange, pineapple, mango, banana,
passionfruit with ginseng

Brewed Tea White
A reviving tea with apple, lemon and lime juice

Brewed Tea Green
A cleansing tea with mint and apple

Thankyou Water 3.0

Sparkling, Still

Winter Jaffles

The Benedict Cumberbatch 8.7

Yup, it's breakfast in a jaff!
Poached egg, ham and Hollandaise.

The Cheeseburger 8.7

Pulled beef, American cheese, pickles, mustard, ketchup.

Hawaii 5-0 8.7

Ham, pineapple, pizza sauce & egmont cheese
Because pineapple does belong on pizza.

The Cheesy Mac Daddy 8.7

Maccaroni with cheese sauce and double cheese goodness.

Buffalo Wings 8.7

Roast chicken, spicy buffalo sauce, egmont cheese & ranch dressing.

Bean Burrito 8.7

Jola! Black turtle beans, salsa and cheese with guacamole on the side.

Get Him To The Greek 8.7

Lamb, tomato & cheese with tzatziki on the side.

Apple Pie Jaffle 8.7

Apple, custard, cinnamon and brown sugar. Enough said!
Add Ice Cream +1.5

Honey I Shrunk the Kids 6.5

Throwback to an old classic
Cheese & spaghetti.

Status Quo 6.5

Ham & Cheese. Easy Done

Add Pulled Beef or Roast Chicken +3.0
Gluten Free Options Available +1.5

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Did you know Hey Mikey does events?

Whether you want us to host your event onsite, or you want the crew to come to you, we can make your event an event to be remembered with the hottest coffee and the best jaffles in town! To find out more, use the “Contact Us” section below and one of our crew will be in touch with you ASAP.


2/82 Lewis Rd, Wantirna South VIC

0413 815 559